Fire protection and smoke exhaust systems


The MB-SR50 EI mullion and transom wall system is designed for the construction of lightweight flat fire curtain walls of a hanging and filling type, with a fire resistance of EI15, EI30, EI45 and EI60 according to PN-EN 1364-3. The system is classified as non fire-spreading (NRO).

The system design is based on the supporting frame construction comprised of vertical (mullions) and horizontal (transoms) aluminium box sections with a characteristic width of 50 mm.

The mullion and transom profiles are suitably joined with each other and form an aluminium grille structure, which is mounted to the building’s construction by means of appropriate supports.
To obtain the fire resistance of aluminium sections, mullions and transoms are fitted with special fire-proof inserts. The insert consists of an aluminium section with a relevant shape, which acts as a reinforcement, covered by fire-proof plates.

The construction designed in such a way enables the use of standard mullion and transom sections used in the MB-SR50system, which to a large extent has improved the cost-effectiveness of the whole construction.

In the MB-SR50 EI construction, mullions with a depth of 85-185mm and transoms with a depth of 65-145mm have been used.

The overlay joint of mullion and transom is envisaged in the system to ensure effective water drainage and ventilation of glazing cavities.

To obtain the optimum thermal and acoustic insulation, the continuous thermal break (insulator) made from HPVC and profiled glass pane gaskets from EPDM were used.

Panes and other infills are mounted in pane grooves shaped using mullion and transom profiles and a clamping strip. Additionally, the special expanding tape was used in pane grooves of mullions and transoms. The clamping strip is mounted to the supporting sections with a metric screw and stainless steel washer.

The maximum height of a curtain wall depends on the durability parameters from static calculations, however the construction should be divided with vertical thermal expansion joints on each storey. The maximum spacing and span of supporting profiles, at the assumed static arrangement, is determined based on static calculations of the construction and dimensions of infills. There is no limitation with regard to the curtain wall length when using the horizontal expansion joint.

For fire constructions it is possible to mount the MB-78EI doors in MB-SR50 EI façades, while at the same time keeping the fire resistance of EI30 or EI60.


The MB-78EI fire partition system is intended for producing internal or external fire partition walls with single- or double-leaf doors with a fire resistance class of EI 15, EI 30, EI 45 or EI 60, according to the PN-EN 13501-2+A1:2010 norm. 

To a great extent, it is compatible with the standard window/door systems of ALUPROF S.A.: MB-45, MB-60 and MB-70 (they have common sections, details, hardware, treatment processes, etc).

The structure of the MB-78 EI system is based on thermally-insulated aluminium profiles. The construction depth of the sections is equal to 78 mm. The profiles are characterized by a low overall heat transfer coefficient Uf, which results, in part, thanks to the use of special profiled thermal breaks of the width of 34 mm. The system enables the application of all types of fire-resistant glass panels of appropriate class (infill thickness from 6 to 49.5 mm). With this system, the smoke-proof structures in several production versions are also available. The tests carried out at the Building Technology Institute in Warsaw proved that the products manufactured with this system had also a very good acoustic insulation (up to 40 dB).

In 2011, the MB-78EI system was modernized and gained new possibilities with regard to admissible structure dimensions and other construction solutions.

The MB-78 EI system achieved the Technical Approvals ITB no. AT-15-6006/2006 and AT-15-6006/2011.

Muntin-Free MB-78El Walls E130, E160

Aluprof offers the MB-78EI system-based transparent, fire-rated wall solution, the so-called muntin-free walls.

This allows for the construction of internal partitions walls without the visible vertical wall profiles that separate the individual modules of the wall, while preserving their full fire resistance. The joint between the glass panes is only 4 mm and is filled with fireproofing, intumescent material, and with non-inflammable silicone. The silicone is available in three colours (black, grey or white). The partition walls can thus have a height up to 3,6 m with modules’ width up to 1.5 m. Fire tests performed on these partition walls by the Poland’s Building Research Institute (ITB) included the so-called “free-edge model”, so there is no limit on the maximum length of this type of walls.

MB-78EI Muntin-free system brings you virtually unlimited design and construction possibilities of very large internal partition walling. Thanks to the transparent modules, all the constructions fabricated using this system make your interiors optically bigger. Our system also provides security by allowing the arrangement of the building’s fire zones, thus ensuring appropriate conditions for the evacuation of people.


  • our solution has been designed and then tested at the ITB in two fire-rating classes: EI30 and EI60
  • joint width between the modules is only 4 mm
  • max wall height is 3,6m
  • max. width of a single module is 1.5 m
  • unlimited width of single walls,
  • constructions have been tested with hardened glass, that are much stronger and more resistant to impact than not-hardened glass

Fire rated wall partitions of El-120 - MB-118El

Fire rated wall partitions of El-120

The MB-118 EI fire rated walls are used to make fire partitions with fire resistance class of EI 120. The system is classified as non-fire spreading (NRO). It’s design & construction is such that, it provides a technical connection with the MB-78EI door, which means a number of common components (such as glazing beads, cooling inserts, expanding tapes, seals and most accessories) and also similar to the basic system, production and installation technology.

The MB-118EI system has been developed on the basis of a five chamber insulated aluminium profile, with a front to back depth of 118 mm. The inner chamber profiles, as well as insulating space between them, are filled with fire insulation elements. On the outer surfaces there are expanding tapes which are additionally mounted, and the whole structure is completed by steel accessories components, joining both sides of the profiles. 

The MB-118EI system can accommodate glazing units, panels or other similar glazing substrates of a thickness 31-35 mm or 48- 84mm. Thanks to its symmetrical composition, the structures that are made of it remain fire resistant in EI 120 class, both exposed to fire from the outside and the inside.
An important feature affecting the functionality of the division of these partitions is the possibility to install the MB-78EI doors.

As regards the internal and external walls the MB-118EI system holds an ITB’s Technical Approval No. AT-15-9186/2013.

Smoke exhaust windows and flaps

The smoke exhaust windows and flaps play a particular role in ensuring safety and comfort for the people staying in the building. When properly selected, they are the elements of gravity ventilation, and when necessary they can help to quickly get rid of smoke and toxic vapours which may be dangerous for health and life. The offer for these products is characterised by the diversity of solutions so they can be used in an individual development, as well as elements integrated with aluminium façades or roof glazed panels. They can be based on window systems such as MB-59S, MB-59S Casement, MB-60, MB-60US, MB-70, MB-70US, MB-86, MB-86US and on solutions dedicated to façades, such as tilt-in windows and roof windows. The smoke exhaust and ventilation system is supplemented by aeration windows and doors.

The smoke exhaust windows and flaps can be equipped with reliable and silent mechanisms by D+H, GEZE, and for roof windows – also with drives by ESCO. Different types of actuators, including drives with a large opening force, are available. They can be installed in a single window or in synchronised “Tandem” systems. In spite of their responsible function in building, these structures can be characterised by high aesthetics, which is ensured by the possibility of using small-sized drives installed parallel to the window surface.

The smoke exhaust constructions based on Aluprof systems have been tested in accordance with EN 12101-2 in IFT and VdS institutes and possess documents confirming the achievement of the required technical parameters.